Past Event

Who Are You – Who Am I? Theoretical and Practical Concerns at the Era of the Gene

May 7, 2018
12:10 PM - 1:00 PM
200B Schermerhorn Hall, Morningside Campus, Columbia University

Columbia University and Barnard College


ILAN DAR-NIMROD, PhD, University of Sydney

The 20th century was dubbed the Century of the Gene and the 21st century is likely to upstage its predecessor in that regard. I’ll present theoretical and empirical research that addresses the effects that are elicited when individuals encounter arguments propagating the relevance of genes for specific behaviors, conditions, diseases, and group differences. In the presentation I’ll address a variety of effects ranging from ingroup perceptions to evaluations of outgroups, discussing research on people’s understanding of social categorizations such as race and gender, as well as people’s comprehension of the etiology of health and behaviors assessed through the lens of genetic essentialism.