Precision Medicine Vision

Precision medicine is medical diagnosis, prevention and treatment based on an individual’s variation in genes, environment, and lifestyle. Knowledge of an individual’s personal genome allows us to make informed decisions about the best medical care available, for that person. From fundamental discoveries to the clinic, Columbia... Read more


A key aspect of Columbia's Precision Medicine Initiative is to establish new educational programs in Precision Medicine at all levels to disseminate knowledge, and to train qualified practitioners of Precision Medicine. The University will be a leader in the establishment of new approaches for educating the next generation of scientists and professionals in this rapidly evolving field.

The Columbia Precision Medicine Initiative recognizes that genomics specifically, and precision medicine more generally, is rapidly becoming not only a part of patient care, but also a part of everyday life. This recognition has resulted in a commitment to significantly expand our training throughout Columbia in genomics and precision medicine. We are establishing exposure to the fundamentals of precision medicine for medical students, incorporating exposure to top scientists in relevant fields, as well as at the undergraduate and graduate levels in multiple disciplines. New research is constantly reflected in Columbia’s faculty-led education programs. The Columbia Precision Medicine Initiative will continue that trend, and expand offerings to comprehensively train academics and professionals needed for delivery of precision medicine.



Jonathan Pritchard 

Professor in the Departments of Genetics and Biology at Stanford University and an Investigator in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute