Past Event

CPMI/Life Science Entrepreneurship Seminar Series: Developing a Business Plan and Securing Investors

May 3, 2017
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Best Practices starting a Biotech: Lessons learned from Industry Leaders

Precision Medicine Initiative at Columbia University was host to the inaugural Life Science Entrepreneurship seminar series. The series consisted of 4 classes, each centered around a case study exploring best practices among industry leaders. 

The objective of the seminar series was to expose graduate students and young faculty from the life science disciplines to the entrepreneurial world. The hope was that the seminar series informed and inspired the participants to consider careers in biotechnology.  The audience included graduate students, postdocs and young faculty from the life science disciplines and related faculties at the University.

Video of this event can be found here.

Mark Leuchtenberger, Cameron Durrant, Ron Newbold, Lorraine Marchand 

  • A presentation of the timelines, budget and investment required to achieve key milestones  
Case Study

The Path to Getting the Company Funded and Product to Market

Distinguished panelists Mark Leuchtenberger, MBA (President, CEO, IRX Therapeutics), Cameron Durrant, MD, MBA (Chairman and CEO, KaloBios Pharmaceuticals), and Ron Newbold, PhD, MBA (VP, External R&D Innovation, Pfizer) discuss the development of a business plan to bring early stage technologies through clinical development and into the marketplace. This fourth lecture of the Life Science Entrepreneurship seminar series is moderated by Lorraine Marchand, MBA (Managing Partner, Centricity Health and Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School).